Hip-Hop culture is more than commercial Rap music, big booties and bling.

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  • Breaking - Bboys & Bgirls
  • Graffiti & Aerosol Art


Hip Hop Culture
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HipHopDIGITAL.com is focused on sharing and supporting ALL of the elements of Hip-Hop culture in its various art forms - Rap, DJing, Graffiti Art, Break dancing, as well as Hip-Hop style and fashion.

We feature Hip-Hop / Rap music and news, and we also hit you up with the other essential Hip-Hip elements, because Hip-Hip is NOT just about rap music!


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RAP, DJ, Graffiti, Break Dancing



  • Hip-Hop Style and Fashion
  • Street knowledge
  • Atittude
  • Mind Set

Hip-Hop / Rap


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"Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun"

- Afrika Bambaataa

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Join us, and others who are into preserving Hip Hop Culture in the digital era so that no person or entity will be able to re-define the true definition and meaning of Hip-Hop in the future.

Hip-Hop / Rap


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